Welcome to the P. S. 10 iPad Wiki!

Getting Started

  • This site is designed to support and facilitate the P. S. 10 iPad program
  • The iPads are distributed with specific intent
    • Conferring with students
    • Assessing students
    • Communicating with colleagues & parents
    • Tracking student progress
    • Gathering information to inform instruction
    • Collaborating with colleagues & parents
    • Moving toward a "paperless" environment
    • Convenience for accessing data and student information
    • Integrating technology seamlessly into the curriculum
  • The pages within this site will offer resources, tutorials, app reviews, and P. S. 10 program updates
  • As a member of the P. S. 10 iPad program feel free to edit and update any information as you see fit
  • Share, collaborate and help to make the iPad program an efficient, effective, and integral part of the P. S. 10 technological experience

Image courtesy of AppleD