iPad Bookmarks

Below are links to iPad web resources related to iPads in the classroom.

These bookmarks are saved using Diigo, a free online bookmarking service.

Sign up for a free Diigo account and follow these instructions for the Educator upgrade. Install a Diigo button on your browser. You will then be able to save bookmarks accessible from anywhere.

If you are curious about Diigo's use in education check out this article - Why Diigo Rocks for Educators

Here is an example of the bookmark button in Google's Chrome browser (extensions or plug-ins are available for all browsers - Firefox, Safari, etc)

Here is an example of the bookmarking box open. You can change the title, add a description, and add tags. In addition, at the bottom you can add your bookmark to a personal list, or, better yet, add it to the PS10 iPads Group for all PS 10 staff to see.

Create a Diigo account, follow the Educator Upgrade instructions. Start bookmarking sites you find useful and share them with your PS 10 iPad colleagues!

These are the 20 most recent links on the PS 10 Diigo Group Feel free to bookmark additional resources into the group.