What is Dropbox and why is it useful to us? How will Dropbox integrate with my iPad and my classroom?

These questions, and any others will be answered during this Dropbox professional development workshop session

If you have are having trouble connecting & syncing Dropbox on a NYCDOE computer, click below for instructions on a quick fix.


The Basics

What is Dropbox?

  • It is "cloud"
  • It is access anywhere
  • It is your documents updated instantly across multiple devices
  • It is cross-platform
  • It is sharable & collaborative
  • It is using whatever you have whenever you want

What is it not?

  • It is not platform specific
  • It is not limited by file type or application
  • Not internet dependent

The biggest question is often "how is this different than Google Documents?" The answer is while Google is great it is limited by 3 major factors:
  • limited file type - document, presentation, spreadsheet, form
  • limited file compatibility - can upload & convert Office files (Word, Powerpoint, Excel), but not iWork (Numbers, Keynote, Pages)
  • internet connectivity is required

Dropbox puts a "Dropbox" folder on your computer. Anything you put in it gets synced/uploaded to your Dropbox.com account. Any other computer or device (iPad, iPhone, etc) with Dropbox installed gets a copy instantly downloaded to it. You create a file on your home system and save it in your Dropbox folder that file will be in your Dropbox folder on your work system seconds later.

Dropbox doesn't need the internet - your files live on your local system in the Dropbox folder. Once you have internet connectivity the Dropbox application looks for changes and updates all changed files to its server. Every time a device connects to the internet with your Dropbox account on it Dropbox.com updates it with all the most recent file changes.

  • Store lessons
  • share with colleagues, substitutes, administration
  • Always have access to documents - start at home, finish at school...
    • home, school, iPad - all synced
  • Have students turn in work from any computer via DropItTo.me
  • Share paperless memos with staff

It's file backup, file storage, and a working file folder synced to Dropbox.com and all of your devices...

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Dropbox in action:

(screenshots taken from Mr. Casal's Dropbox webinar on SimpleK12.com)

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Dropbox add-ons - iPad

(screenshots taken from Mr. Casal's Dropbox webinar on SimpleK12.com)

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Dropbox add-ons - web

(screenshots taken from Mr. Casal's Dropbox webinar on SimpleK12.com)


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Dropbox Integration

coming soon...

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Dropbox Resources

Using The Magic Pocket: A Dropbox Manual

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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Changing Dropbox Email Identifier

Most users setup their Dropbox account using their DOE @schools.nyc.gov email account. This was done before we had @ps10.org email accounts.

We can now easily change the Dropbox email account identifier to your @ps10.org email to make it easier to share files & folders.

Follow these directions to change your Dropbox email name from your @schools.nyc.gov account to your @ps10.org account.

Doing this will in no way affect your documents or files, it just changes how you'll log in, how you are identified, and how we find each other for sharing.

Simple directions from Dropbox:

More detailed directions...

Step 1:
Log in to Dropbox.com using your DOE email & Dropbox password.
Once logged in look for the Account link, and click on it, as demonstrated below...

Step 2:
Click the Account Settings tab, as highlighted below...

Step 3:
Look for the (change) option next to your current User Info
Click (change)...

Step 4:
Enter your New Email, your full @ps10.org address
Enter it again in the Confirm box
Enter your Dropbox password to confirm your identity..

Your Dropbox email identifier is now your @ps10.org email address. People can share files with you using the @ps10.org address, not the @schools.nyc.gov address.

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Sharing a Folder

  • Have file you want to share with colleagues?
  • Have a folder of files you want to share & collaborate on?

from the Dropbox site:
Shared folders are ideal for groups of people interested in collaborating on a set of files or folders together. Add other members to a folder and its files will appear in your friends or colleagues own Dropbox just as it does in yours. You can share any folder in your Dropbox or create a new shared folder from the Dropbox website.


When you share a folder in one of the ways described above, we will immediately send email invitations to the addresses you provided. These invitations tell the recipients that you’ve shared a folder with them and gives them a link to accept your invite.

Once they accept your invitation, the folder will appear in their Dropbox account.


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Leaving a Folder

  • No longer want to be part of a shared folder? Want to purge shared documents form your account?
  • Don't delete those files! That will delete them for all members of the folder!
  • Instead, leave the folder...

from the Dropbox site:
You can leave a shared folder at any time from the folder's sharing options. If you're the owner of a shared folder, you have the ability to unshare the folder or remove (kick out) certain members of the shared folder.

You'll be given the option to keep a copy of the files on your hard drive. Check the box next to I still want to keep my copy of these files when you want to keep the files in your Dropbox folder, but no longer want them available to others. If you decide not to keep your shared folders, don't worry. You can always rejoin a shared folder later.
Also keep in mind that when you leave a shared folder, the shared folder still lives on in the Dropbox of those you have shared the folder with. If you are the owner of a shared folder and are less interested in leaving it than you are in kicking someone out, you can do that through the sharing page of the Dropbox website.

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Unsharing a Folder

Do you have a folder you no longer want to share with people
Want to keep the files but remove access from others

from the Dropbox site:
If you're the owner, or creator, of a shared folder, you have the ability to unshare the folder. Unsharing a folder also gives you the option to allow former members to keep a copy of the files.


Removing shared folder contents from members' hard drives

If you created the shared folder, you are the owner and have the power to remove it from other members' hard drives.
Once you unshare or kick out members of a shared folder, you will be given the option of letting previous members keep their own copy of the folder and its files. If you choose not to let members keep the folder or its contents, the files will be permanently deleted. The files will be removed from previous member's online Dropbox immediately and from their linked computers the next time they sync using the Dropbox desktop application. Once the files are removed from a previous member's shared folder, they cannot be recovered even by Dropbox's undelete feature.
If you choose to allow members to keep their copy of the shared folder, you might want to avoid confusion by informing them that the folder is no longer shared and any changes to its contents will no longer sync to each other's Dropbox.

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