iPad PD - part I

The basics of the iPad for education...

  • Overview of iPad basics
  • Overview of classroom use
  • Create DOE based iTunes accounts
  • Distribute iPads (and necessary paperwork)
  • Sync and set-up in classrooms if time allows (if time runs out, syncing/setup can occur anytime after the PD, on classroom systems) or leave as iCloud synced iPads

Some things to keep in mind...
... the iPad is not a computer. It is not a computer replacement. It is a mobile device. Essentially, a giant iPod Touch. A dedicated computer is needed to serve as the host system for syncing. The operating system running on the iPad (iOS - same as iPod Touch &iPhone) is not a full operating system. Programs running on a computer will not run on iOS. The only programs that will run on iOS are available through the iTunes App Store. There are iOS versions of full operating system programs, but they do not have the full functionality you are accustomed to on a computer. iPads are great devices, and you will find them quite useful, however it is important to keep them in perspective so you can get the most out of them (and yes, I am constantly experimenting with ways to push them to the limit).

The iPad is a device which needs to be connected to a single computer, or synced wirelessly to Apple's iCloud. You can have multiple mobile devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad) on 1 computer, but you can not have a mobile device connected to multiple computers.

If your iPad is a personal device, sync it to your home system. Adding the iPad to your list of iTunes devices is not a problem. If the iPad is issued by the school/DOE (purchased with school/DOE funds), it must be synced with your classroom computer or your DOE email iCloud account.

Keys to setting up a DOE iPad:

  • A DOE issued iPad is exactly that, a DOE device. It is to be used for DOE business and must be tied to a DOE system (ie: classroom laptop, dekstop, etc)
    • the user of the iPad is responsible for all accessories that come with the device (USB cable, wall charger) as well as any additional accessories issued by the school/DOE
  • Create an iTunes account using your @schools.nyc.gov email account
  • Plug your iPad in to your computer using the supplied USB cable and follow the instructions on screen
  • Name your iPad using this format: Mr/Mrs Last Name's iPad
    • for example: Mr Blank's iPad or Mrs Smith's iPad
    • using this naming format will give each device a unique name, identify the user, allow for multiple iPads to be connected to a single classroom computer without confusion(for transfering files, etc) and allow for easier recognition on the network
  • Set up the wireless network using this protocol: SSID: WJBOE(district/borough letter/school code) WEP: (school number)D(district number)1001
    • this wireless protocol is standard throughout the DOE. If you are in a DOE school and know the District, Borough, and DBN you will be able access the network
    • set the proxy server to http://proxy.nycboe.org/proxy.pac (click here for a screen shot of the network proxy setting)
  • Set your DOE Outlook email to be delivered to the iPad (see Outlook directions below)
  • Set up "Find my iPad" tracking system using the simple steps found here
    • this is important for keeping track of the DOE device as well as erasing it's contents if lost or stolen
  • Begin downloading apps and use the iPad to enhance instruction...

Setting up DOE email:

Open the mail icon from the Settings screen and select Microsoft Exchange.
step1a.png step1b.jpg

Enter the information as shown below. You may see a certificate error, simply press “accept” to continue.
step2a.jpg steb2b.jpg

A new field called “Server” should now appear. Type in mail.nycboe.net
step3a.jpg step3b.jpg

It will take a few seconds for your email to download.
step4a.jpg step4b.jpg

You will want to adjust some mail settings. Go to settings then Mail, Contacts, Calendars..
This will allow you to synch your Outlook Calendar with your iPad calendar.
step5a.jpg step5b.jpg step5c.jpg step5d.jpg

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