iPad PD - part II

Basic apps and tools useful for conferring with students, tracking student data, and fully integrating the iPad into the daily life of a classroom teacher...

(more detailed information on apps can be found on the App List page, more detailed tutorials on using specific apps can be found within the Workshop Series)

**Google Drive** - "Drive" is what Google has renamed "Documents". Anything that was once in your "Google Docs" is now in your "Google Drive"

Google's iOS app for creating & editing Google documents & spreadsheets. This is a very quick, easy & seemless way to access & edit anything from your Google Drive

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Safari - standard web browser native to the iPad. Use this browser just as you would any desktop browser.

Within Safari you can bookmark sites. You can save a bookmark to your "Bookmarks" folder or "Bookmarks Toolbar" just as you would on you desktop. You can also bookmark using "Add to Home Screen" to save a bookmark to the iPad home screen, along side your Apps...

You can use Safari to access Google Apps for PS 10 and create & edit documents & spreadsheets (below are shots of PS 10 Reading Level spreadsheets viewed, and during editing, via Safai on the iPad)...
IMG_0021.jpg IMG_0022.jpg

Good Reader - import and edit Running Record PDFs. You can import, view, and annotate most file types. It is not a native editing tool, for example you can't open a Word Document and type in it as if you were in Word, but still a very useful tool to avoid printing "handout" type sheets a teacher would normally handwrite on... - $4.99

Excellent app, well worth the $2.99 to be able to annotate PDFs. Be aware you can only view files you annotate in GoodReader with GoodReader on the iPad. If you export an annotated PDF to DropBox and open it on your desktop system you will see all your annotations. If you try to open an annotated PDF on the iPad in something other than GoodReader you wont see your annotations. Not a big deal, just something to be aware of.

Download all TC running record PDFs directly to GoodReader - click here - from your iPad
Download individual TC running record sheets here

You can "Connect to Servers" to transfer files directly to and from Google, DropBox, etc...
As soon as you attempt to annotate a file, GoodReader will ask if you want to overwrite the original or create a copy...
The annotate toolbar gives you various options. The "Draw" feature will allow you to use shapes (lines, arrows, circles) or draw freehand. You can also use a "Typewriter" function to type in annotations. Make sure you "Save" your annotations using the toolbar in the top right corner of the screen during annotation...
IMG_0015.jpg IMG_0019.jpg
The "Main Menu" option of the annotate toolbar will allow you to get back to the GoodReader file structure. Under the Manage Files tab you can rename files, create folders, etc...

iTunesU - "...a powerful distribution system for everything from lectures to language lessons, films to labs, audiobooks to tours — is an innovative way to get educational content into the hands of students."

In this case, you the teacher can be the student. Some examples of useful iTunesU content such as Common Core Standards lectures...

Remoter - control your SmartBoard from anywhere in the room - $0.99.

In my opinion this is the best app you could buy. If you have a SmartBoard it's a must have. If you don't have a SmartBoard it's still well worth the $0.99 to be able to remotely access your computer from anywhere in your building...
You can configure Remoter to connect to multiple machines, both Mac and PC. All you need to know is the IP address of the computer you want to access.
(screen shots taken fron iTunes page - shots are off an iPhone but the app works/looks the same on an iPad)

For conferring the app Confer is available

You can also pay $10 for Numbers, Apple's version of Excel, native to the iPad which works well for conferring as well as any other spreadsheet task.